We produce solutions for our customer’s needs and their satisfaction is our main principle. Tourism Activities We are breaking new ground in the construction industry. CONSTRUCTION ACTIVITIES We create pleasant and safe environments with our expert staff. Aviation Activities We carry the flawless service concept all over the world. Trade Activities We have brought a different dimension to transportation with our wide service understanding.
Transport Activities
With our expert staff, we adopt the principle of guiding investors in the most accurate way. Finance Activities


Honest Group of Companies, whose foundations were laid as Honest Tourism travel agency in 1999, continues its activities in construction, transportation, aviation and export-import sectors, especially tourism.

Honest Group of Companies, has built a structure that has adopted quality and good price policies as a principle in the tourism, hotel management, transportation, aviation, construction export and import sectors and it is growing day by day with the success awards it receives and increases its contribution to the Turkish economy and promotion.

Honest Holding and the quality of services it offers are documented with various international awards and certificates both in Turkey and abroad. It works with the principle of maximum efficiency and effectiveness in every sector it operates with its experienced and trained human capital. In addition, Honest Holding continues its leadership by acting with social responsibility awareness.


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Our company, which has made a name for itself in real estate consultancy, citizenship services and the construction sector with its hotels, works diligently on timely delivery and quality.

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We started with the Mexican Market and now we became a pioneer brand in the sector by bringing tourists from the Latin American and the American market reaching a market share of 75%.

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Since 1997, our business has been growing every year, with total demand from balloon users and tourists. 116,000 people flew with us in 2019.

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We market their products to the world by cooperating with a wide range of manufacturers from a wide variety of sectors. We provide potential buyers with all kinds of products quickly and safely.

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Our company, which was established with 2 vehicles in 2011, continues its services with Mercedes, MAN and Temsa Brand tourism vehicles, which are 62 Lux and maximum 3 years old.


Honest Holding Chairman of the Board Mr. Cengiz DEVECİ was the guest of the radio program “TURİZM HEAD WITH DENİZ DİKKAYA” broadcast on Kafa Radio.

Honest Holding Chairman of the Board Mr. Cengiz DEVECİ was the guest of the radio program “TURİZM HEAD WITH DENİZ DİKKAYA” broadcast on Kafa Radio.

The program started with a nice conversation about the geography of the Republic of Paraguay, its gastronomic culture, agricultural activities and foreign relations between Turkey and Paraguay.
Detailed information was given about …Read More