We were also happy to have the opportunity to come together with many of our solution partners on the same platform after the pandemic.

Under the leadership of Honest M.I.C.E, one of the new brands of Honest Holding, together with our Honest Travel Group company, it was the first domestic tourism fair that we decided to participate in after the numerous international fairs we have attended since 1999. In this matter, we were also happy to have the opportunity to come together with many of our solution partners on the same platform after the pandemic, by blending our 22 years of tourism experience with M.I.C.E. As Honest Holding; we joined with our company Honest M.I.C.E.
In this fair, which exceeded our expectations with many brands that accompanied our own (Honest Travel Group, Honest Transport, and Signature Hotel Group), we all celebrated our entry into the M.I.C.E sector and shared this joy with our solution partners. Following our first event, we were very pleased with the intense interest and support that many companies, hotels and business partners showed to our stand. As Honest Holding, we can already say that in 2022, we will take our place by growing bigger and stronger together with our new brands.

This fair is a special platform in the global environment where the M.I.C.E. industry is increasingly digitalized.

Ace of MICE is one of the domestic tourism fairs that has attracted the greatest attention since its first year, in fact, it created great excitement in the sector since it was the first MICE Fair to be held in Turkey after 2019. We can say that this excitement has energized the entire MICE community and increased our expectations for 2022 after the new normalization process started. This fair has a very important place in the MICE sector and among the marketing strategies of tourism companies. Even in the global environments where the MICE industry is increasingly digital, this fair is a special platform that brings together the producer and the consumer and allows participating companies to monitor their competitors and competing products and services, and contributes to the sector where tourism agendas and the latest technologies are discussed. Although the MICE industry is going through a difficult process, we foresee that we can look to the future with hope, according to the current data. We think that the last quarter of 2021 and 2022 will be busier than ever for the MICE industry. At the same time, we are aware that hybrid activities will continue for a while due to the fact that some companies have switched to a full hybrid working model with the pandemic. For this reason, we have completed our preparations for the new term with many different activity alternatives and contents.