Honest Holding expands its tourist cruise ship transportation network, which was included in the tourism cruise ship transportation sector in the Aegean and Greek Islands with Miray Cruises’ ‘M/V Gemini’ ship last March, introduced to its guests to the unique nature of the Black Sea with its new ship Astoria Grande.

Honest Holding Chairman of the Board and Paraguay Istanbul Honorary Consul Cengiz Deveci stated that they continue to invest in the touristic shipping sector and that the cruise ship Astoria Grande has started operating in our country. Deveci said that the ship started its voyage on July 16, and noted that they have created a route that includes Trabzon, Sinop, Istanbul and Bozcaada, as well as the Russian city of Sochi, and that they will add the Aegean Sea to the ship’s route in the future.

Giving information about the company’s activities, Deveci said that they are a market leader company that brings guests from Latin America to Turkey, they provide a very serious foreign exchange contribution to Turkish tourism. Deveci stated that they have a Signature group hotel chain, a bus fleet for land tourism transportation, congress and fair organizations, supply chains serving tourism in the fields of aviation, finance, food and beverage and construction.

Adding that the Astoria Grande is a Panama-flagged ship and that the ship is operated by Honest Holding, Deveci stated that they carry tourists from Russia to Turkey and said: “Astoria Grande starts from the Russian city of Sochi to Trabzon, Sinop, Istanbul and Bozcaada. He embarked on his first trip. We were transporting the tourists in Turkey abroad with the ‘M/V Gemini’ ship belonging to Miray Cruise Line, which serves in the Greek and Aegean Islands with a capacity of 1000 people. This time, with Astoria Grande, we brought together the tourists in Russia with the unique nature of Turkey. Thus, for the first time, a cruise ship from Russia docked in Bozcaada, which is on our route.”