Honest Holding, one of Turkey’s leading group companies, continues its investments in the field of gastronomy. Expressing that they incorporated Le Pain Quotidien in December 2022, Honest Holding Chairman of the Board Cengiz Deveci announced that they will continue to grow rapidly next year. Honest Holding, which has made a name in many areas, from tourism to coffee, continues its investments. The company has become the Master Franchising of the brand in Turkey by adding the Belgian origin restaurant Le Pain Quotidien to its affiliates just days before the new year.

10 New Stores in 5 Years

Joining Honest Holding in its 33rd year, Le Pain Quotidien Turkey said “Hello” to 2023 with a new fresh start. Stating that the holding will increase their growth and employment with Le Pain Quotidien Turkey, the favorite place of gourmets, Deveci said that they aim to open 10 new stores in 5 years. Cengiz Deveci said, “Since the day we were established, we have been serving in the country and abroad by being among the leading companies in the field. We are happy to add Le Pain Quotidien Turkey, one of the most popular brands of the gastronomy world, to our family with its unique taste created by award-winning chefs. We continue to grow after Juan Valdez, the best quality coffee of Colombia, which we brought to our country in 2022. We will present quality and privileged service with the sincerity of the crowded table culture at the famous long tables of Le Pain Quotidien Turkey.” said.


The favorite of the new year: “Gokturk Le Pain Quotidien”

Deveci gave the first good news of the new year with the following words: “We are opening the 4th store of Le Pain Quotidien’s unique cuisine in Turkey, all of which are organic and all prepared with special recipes. Gokturk Le Pain Quotidien will be open in February.”


The Magnificent Harmony of Tourism and Gastronomy

Alain Coumont, the Founder of Le Pain Quotidien, who stated that their recipes are not a secret, but their flavors make a difference, said that they are excited and delighted to be advancing their journey in Turkey with Honest Holding. Underlining the wonderful harmony of tourism and gastronomy, Coumont stated that with the vision of Honest Holding in the field of tourism, he believes that Le Pain Quotidien will be the most ambitious collaboration for them.

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