One of the most loved gastronomy brands in the world, Le Pain Quotidien met with Turkey for the first time in December 2022 under the umbrella of Honest Holding, one of the leading group companies. The brand, which opened new stores in different regions of Turkey with a rapid growth momentum and investments, aims to breathe a new life into the region by opening its doors again in Gokturk this time. Gokturk Le Pain Quotidien, which opened its doors on July 17, will continue to arouse curiosity for gastronomy enthusiasts with its newly added flavors to its summer menu.


Joining Honest Holding in its 33rd year, Le Pain Quotidien Turkey will continue to grow with the target of 10 new stores in the next 5 years, with the investments of Honest Holding Founder Cengiz Deveci. Cengiz Deveci describes the newly opened Gokturk store with the following statements. “We are reopening the doors of the 4th store of Le Pain Quotidien’s unique cuisine in Turkey, all of whose products are organic and all prepared with special recipes. Gokturk Le Pain Quotidien is put into service today and will continue to serve in this region with its renewed face and missed flavors.”


Alain Coumont, the Founder of Le Pain Quotidien, who stated that their recipes are not a secret, but their flavors make a difference, said that they are excited to be advancing their journey in Turkey with Honest Holding and they are pleased to reopen the Gokturk store. Underlining the wonderful harmony of tourism and gastronomy, Coumont stated that with the vision of Honest Holding in the field of tourism, he believes that Le Pain Quotidien will breathe a new life into Gokturk.


Le Pain Quotidien, known for its delicious food and friendly communal tables where pleasant conversations are made, and its original and natural menu, will continue to be a pioneer in the field of gastronomy in Turkey with the reopening of the Gokturk store.


Le Pain Quotidien Gokturk, which will serve gastronomy lovers with its healthy and delicious summer menu, will prioritize especially home-made and low-calorie foods in its new menu.


Baked Artichoke Salad with Fresh Thyme, Sicilian Shrimp Salad, Beef Tenderloin and Zucchini with Fresh Thyme, Beetroot Hummus Artichoke Tartini, Seabass with Shrimp & Vegetables, Chicken Curry with Vegetables, Iced Citrus Mate, yogurt-based pots and desserts are some of the flavor alternatives in the renewed menu.


Offering differences in its field, Le Pain Quotidien blends the international gastronomy journey with elegant and simple touches. From the decoration of the place to the designs, from the menu content to the cuisine, it hospitably expresses its story, which is rooted in the Belgian lands, with gastronomy.

Le Pain Gokturk will serve between 08:00-23:00 on weekdays and 08:00-00:00 on weekends. We wait for gastronomy lovers!

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