Honest Holding
Chairman’s Message

Chairman of the Board

This journey started in 2008 with 1 employee in my second year of studies at the University, with savings and borrowing. Now, we have foreign and national affiliates and a total number of 900 employees in Turkey and various countries where we have investments.

On the way we set off with modest policies, we have adopted an innovative and technology-based management style with the motto “Traditional people fear the invisible, not the visible”; as Honest Holding we are not traditional and do not fear change and innovation this is how our young but experienced staff works in the fields of Tourism, Construction, Aviation, Finance and Transportation.

We started this journey with a very modest turnover and reached the highest export figure in our history with 700 Million TL in 2019. We have set our target for 2023 as 3 Billion TL and shaped our investments in this direction.

Relying on Turkey and the Turkish Economy since the first day, we have started initiatives to open branches in Istanbul and many Anatolian cities and shopping malls by taking the Turkish distributorship of Latin American Coffee brand and Brazilian Restaurant chain brand to open not only the sectors we are in, but also in various cities in a short time.

While aiming to be not only a leader but also a pioneer in all the sectors in which we operate, we aim to be a global brand that will add value to our country by repeating these achievements abroad. We have adopted the principle of providing the best service by telling our customers why they should work with us and making them feel that they are in safe hands, because only a true jeweler knows the value of gold. We have not invested in a sector that we do not know so far, perhaps this is the reason for our success in our fields.

I fully believe that Honest Holding will achieve all its goals with its commitment to working principles and its valuable staff working in harmony as a big family.