Honest Holding
Chairman’s Message

Chairman of the Board

Dear investors, business partners, and valued employees,

Founded in 1999 as the Honest Tourism Travel Agency, the foundations of which we have built with dedication, the Honest Group of Companies continues its activities in the tourism sector primarily, as well as in the fields of construction, food and beverage, fine dining, transportation, energy, aviation, and import-export.

With years of industry knowledge and long-term investments, we continue to grow and develop day by day with our team of 1500 people and domestic and international partnerships on this journey we set out on. We continue to add value to this valuable country’s lands by consistently providing employment and labor.

Honest Holding’s investments and partnerships will continue to grow and provide services on a global scale with honest, principled, and ethical values. The vision and values that we present with a sense of responsibility will consistently become stronger and will lead industry successes. The quality of the services we provide, our structure contributing to knowledge production, innovative initiatives, projects, and investments we carry out both domestically and abroad, form the foundations of our story of becoming “Honest Holding,” for which we have diligently worked. The dreams that we grow each day with the idea of always progressing towards better, are the main reason for further advancing Honest Holding.

Our goal-oriented, strategy, and success-focused approach are leading concepts in the progress of Honest Holding institutions and organizations. Our strong financial infrastructure, our social responsibility awareness, and our business processes that we create with our corporate identity also blend with our contemporary perspective that keeps up with the time.

As the Honest Holding family, we will continue to achieve many more successes together with all our valued stakeholders. With its corporate culture and values, Honest Holding, a leader in the industry, will continue to illuminate the future of this valuable country’s lands.