Creating a climate where employees feel safe with our consistent management approach,

To ensure that the employees are proud of the business results of the company, which is formed due to their contribution to the business,

To achieve success by working in teamwork and cooperation with all our employees.

Employees are constantly looking for innovation and are encouraged and empowered to do so.

We take responsibility for development, evaluate learning opportunities and achieve success by learning from each other.

We see and value our differences as our wealth.

We carry forward what we do by giving feedback with open communication and we constantly improve.

We capture and reward the good things done.

In the selection and placement process; It is aimed to see individuals who are success-oriented, open to development and innovation, have business ethics, and are suitable for corporate culture and work as Honest Holding employees.

Honest Holding uses internal posting method to offer horizontal and vertical career opportunities to employees.

To support the strategies, experienced and newly graduated external candidates who are needed in new and different fields are recruited.

During selection, various and up-to-date tools are used according to the requirements and characteristics of the job.

In order to reach external candidates, employer brand promotion activities are carried out and recruitment websites, Honest employee referenced candidate pool, consultant companies and press advertisements are used.

For our companies located outside of Istanbul, it is a priority to select open positions from candidates living in that region.

The Human Resources Team and related departments work in cooperation to place the right candidate in the right job.