Honest Holding Chairman and Paraguay Honorary Consul of Istanbul, Mr. Deveci Cengiz stated that Cappadocia is the pearl of Turkey in terms of cultural tourism and said, “Latin American, Middle Eastern and Asian tourists show great interest in the Cappadocia region.” Mr. Deveci stated that they expect to provide 36 million dollars of income to the economy in 2022.

Expressing that they have increased the number of foreign tourists coming to the region with their investments in Cappadocia, one of Turkey’s most important tourism destinations, Honest Holding’s Chairman and Paraguay Istanbul Honorary Consul Mr. Deveci Cengiz said that they carry tourists from all over the world to Cappadocia with the tours that they organize.

Stating that they have increased the quality standards in the field of hotel management with the investments they made in the Cappadocia region, Mr. Deveci said, “Cappadocia is a special region in terms of cultural heritage that can host tourists for 12 months at any time of the year. We transport Middle Eastern, Asian and Latin American tourists to these regions in order to get to know our cultural heritage rather than sea-sand beach tourism. We are also making our investments in regions such as Cappadocia, which our guests prefer,” he said. Mr. Deveci also said that they are happy to see the Turkish hospitality and the advanced level of our country in tourism. Our goal is to attract more tourists to Cappadocia and increase the contribution of the region to the country’s economy”

“Our investments will continue”

Mr. Deveci stated that they decided to expand the hotel range and make new investments in the region after receiving positive feedback from customers in the hotel industry that they started in 2019, adding that they reached 4 hotels in a 4-year period. Mr. Deveci said, “We started the hotel business with Signature Hotel&Spa, a 4-star hotel with 61 suites in Ortahisar, Cappadocia. Signature Garden Avanos Hotel & Spa, on the other hand, is a 4 plus segment hotel with 178 rooms, intertwined with nature. Our Kalsedon Cave Suites hotel consists of all suites. Our hotel has both cave rooms and rooms we call arches. We are building a hotel in the luxury segment, which we call luxury, in the Mustafapaşa town of Ürgüp. Our investments in Cappadocia will continue in the coming periods,” he said. Stating that they are not limited to Cappadocia in hotel management, Mr. Deveci said, “There is a thermal hotel in Pamukkale, Denizli, that we have incorporated. We are doing a major renovation inside. It will start operating in the coming months. In Kuşadası, we have a 5-star hotel called Signature Blue Resort by the sea, which is shown as one of the best hotels in the Aegean region. Mr. Deveci also added that he has affiliates with 3 companies that carry out balloon transportation in Cappadocia and that they are one of the rare companies that can provide balloon flight services the most.

“We will contribute 36 million dollars to the economy”

Stating that as an agency with investments in 5 regions of Turkey and abroad, they have reached a giant family of approximately 1200 people, Deveci said, “As a tourism agency company, we do not only contribute to the economy of our country and region. The number of tourists we bring to Turkey has skyrocketed in recent years. This increase is of great importance in increasing the amount of foreign currency entering in the country, increasing employment, and increasing the confidence of businessmen who will invest in the sector.

Stating that they aim for 200 thousand accommodation in the hotels within Honest Honding in 2022, Mr. Deveci said, “If our targets are realized, 12 million dollars will be reflected in our economy only as accommodation fee. When we calculate the expenditures of a tourist outside the hotel, this figure will reach 36 million dollars.”

“The foreign exchange income of the tourists coming to Cappadocia is higher”

Mr. Deveci said, “Tourists coming to Cappadocia earn more foreign currency than tourists coming to other holiday destinations” and continued his words: “Guests coming to Cappadocia, including balloon tours, night tours, safaris and souvenir shopping, are approximately between 800 dollars to 1000 dollars spending. Tourists, who come to our country for sea tourism, are sold tours, including flight tickets, for half the price of these figures. Cappadocia is one of the most important regions that provide foreign exchange inflow in our country. Along with the pandemic, the density of tourists from the Balkans, Russia and Ukraine has also increased. However, the political tensions between Russia and Ukraine negatively affect the tourism potential of Cappadocia. Cancellation of direct flights from Cappadocia to Russia and Ukraine means a huge loss of market for the region.”