Honest Holding
Corporate Identity

Kurumsal kimliğimiz

Honest Group of Companies, whose foundations were laid as Honest Tourism travel agency in 1999, continues its activities in construction, transportation, aviation and export-import sectors, especially tourism.

Honest Group of Companies, has built a structure that has adopted quality and good price policies as a principle in the tourism, hotel management, transportation, aviation, construction export and import sectors and it is growing day by day with the success awards it receives and increases its contribution to the Turkish economy and promotion.

Our hotels, under the Signature brand, operate in Cappadocia (2 of them) and in Kuşadası. Our hotel investment continues in Pamukkale, Budapest-Hungary- and Prague-Czech Republic.

Honest Holding and the quality of services it offers are documented with various international awards and certificates both in Turkey and abroad. It works with the principle of maximum efficiency and effectiveness in every sector it operates with its experienced and trained human capital. In addition, Honest Holding continues its leadership by acting with social responsibility awareness.