Honest Holding continues to support different sports branches nationally and internationally for many years. Juan Valdez, the Colombian Premium coffee brand under the umbrella of Honest Holding, became the main sponsor of the WCBS Championship, which will take place at Ankara TBF (Turkish Billiards Federation) between 20-23 July.

In the first big championship in the world, where 6 teams from 4 continents and a total of 48 billiard players will compete, which will be held for the first time in the world and where 4 billiard branches will be played at the same time, our national player, Saki Kanatlar in the branch of Heyball (8 Ball) for men, and our national player Gulsen Degener will compete on behalf of Africa & Rest of the World in the branch of Carom for women. This international event will be live all over the world over the internet and can be followed on the YouTube channel. The world’s largest billiards facility with an area of 1500m2 and a capacity of 500 people, where the organization will take place, has a capacity of 8 tri-band disciplines and is equipped with the latest technology.

Honest Holding continues to contribute to the Turkish society in different fields, with the opportunities it offers in different business areas, and the support it gives to sports and social responsibility projects.

In tribute to the Intercontinental WCBS Championship, which will be held for the first time in the world, Turkish Billiards Vice President Cengiz Deveci states that he is proud of his main sponsorship with Juan Valdez, a global brand of Honest Holding and Mr. President Ersan Ercan, who has been the chairman of the Turkish Billiards Federation since 2014, states that he is proud of the fact that he was elected as a member of the Board of Directors of the UMB and the values he added to the Turkish billiards and our country.şp


Congratulating President Ercan, Deveci shared his thoughts on the organization: “I would like to personally thank Mr. Ercan for managing this international organization, which will be held for the first time in our country, with devotion. We, as Honest Holding and Juan Valdez, are always supportive, and we aim to contribute to the federation moving to better points. We are proud of the achievements of the players and we will continue to give our constant support for the young people who grow up in this country.”

WCBS Championship will host billiard players from different parts of the world at TBF (Turkish Billiards Federation) in Ankara, Golbası between 20-23 July.