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Domestic and Foreign Trade Companies

We carry the flawless service concept all over the world.

Honest Foreign Trade Export Import Inc.

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We provide support for you to offer your products to eligible buyers in markets outside the country. With carefully structured marketing goals, we achieve your sales by reaching the right customers in the right markets.

We offer our customers a market research report containing all the important and necessary information that will be useful for companies that want to market their products to foreign markets or to increase their current sales volume. The report can be prepared for any sector and region.

We market their products to the world by cooperating with a wide range of manufacturers from a wide variety of sectors. We provide potential buyers with all kinds of products quickly and safely.

Harmonia Jewelery and Touristic Merchandising Inc.


Pearl Harmonia was established in 2021 as a wholesale company to supply jewellery, pearls and valuables and to develop the sector in pearls.